Aqua Kyoto

Aqua Kyoto!

This restaurant is a renowned Hong Kong based restaurant group – Aqua. The group also has a three sites, Hong Kong, Beijing and London. Just in London they have the Japanese restaurant, Spanish cuisine and Tapas bar and lastly their Bar area. Aqua Kyoto is based on the top floor (on thr 5th floor) with quite an impressive view of the busy Regent Street area.

For my 23rd birthday, I went to Aqua Kyoto with my friends a couple of days early before my main day as I was spending the main day with the boyfriend. I have eaten in quite a number of sushi restaurants in London but somehow I was struggling to find a restaurant that was a little different. Although being 23 wasn’t a marvelous age to celebrate in such manner it was a day where I was born and I wanted to eat somewhere, where I haven’t been. Oh and this would be my first ever birthday where I no longer am a student. I had stumbled across Aqua Kyoto on “Time Out London” as I looked for “Sushi restaurants in London” and Aqua Kyoto came up and surpringly I haven’t been yet. Unfortunately two of my friend’s couldn’t be there so only two turned up (I only invited my university family – the close friends).

We had the O-toto Sashimi (which I didn’t take a photo of – why?) and then we had the Ashimi Mori Awase – Derakkusu. Which in other words is 12 pieces of chef selected sashimi. It has tuna, salmon, macakeral, prawn, squid..etc. It was a very nice selection for a few people so there is a piece to choose from. I normally do not order selections like this as I tend to go for the Yellow Tail, Salmon or O-toto dishes.

Next we had the Agyu Saroin Teppan Yaki which is the Wagyu sirloin beef with caramelised onion miso, baby beets and herbs. I am not the biggest fan of Wagyu beef – believe it or not. But this dish was pretty good. I enjoy the texture of the beef and the sauce did compliment it altogether. It does seem a little plain though, but for those that care more of the beef, I suppose this will be the ideal dish.

The Uta Baraniku to Unigi Yaki dish. Made with Suckling Pork Belly with Eel, root befetables, wakame and jade oil. It tasted rather nice, yes suckling pork belly but it does remind me of a soup dish rather than a main because the pieces seem to be floating a little on the dish. The taste was indeed very good but the portion doesn’t seem as generous as the previous dish. As a Chinese, I do enjoy a bit of pork belly and it did satisfy my pork belly cravings for a while.

We also had this “obusta no mushi yaki” which is a pot roasted lobster with lime leaf, sweet pepper sauce and oyster. It doesn’t exactly look like a lobster dish, or perhaps my photography is awful, however, looking back at the photo – the lobster and the leaves do remind me of strawberries. The texture was indeed “lobster-y” but the sauce was a little plan in my opinion. Although people tend to eat lobsters with plain sauce and crabs with a bit more flavor, I seem to think the sauce needs to be slightly more “tasty”.

I was eagerly desperate to try the desserts, as I am quite a dessert lover I do have a sense that I will be enjoying something “green tea”. I chose to have two scoops of ice cream where one flavor was the green tea and the next being vanilla and soy bean flavored. I would recommend those that loves desserts and those that enjoy the beauty benefits of green tea and soy bean to try this dessert. Yummy and satisfying.

Find Aqua Kyoto:

5th Floor, 240 Regent Street, London, W1B 3BR



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