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Min Jiang. The claimed “London’s most authentic Chinese restaurant”. This Chinese restaurant is located in Kensington on the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel.This restaurant delivers an authentic tasting dish as well as the fact you are able to have a IMG_1117



view of the Kensington Gardens as well as Hyde Park and the view of London from a small distant.

As this is a Chinese restaurant I would look at what this restaurant famous for as it is based in quite a prestigious and breathtaking environment – my answer is their Peking Duck – or should I say, their “Legendary Peking Duck”. As an individual (similarly to many around the world) I have had the chance to taste Peking duck right in the capital of China in Beijing. I would expect that to be the standard of Peking Duck. Having read about what Min Jiang was famous for I did some research and turns out this restaurant uses wood-fired oven to cook their Peking duck which is authentic as we know the process of Peking Duck is using the traditional method of picking the right duck, marinating and preparing the duck with certain ingredients in a certain way, then hanging the duck above Wood fire. I cannot imagine how hot the area would be however it is imaginable and how much effort will be used to prepare the duck in case it burns.


My last visit was in January and before that I had visited the restaurant three times. I must say, I was not disappointed.I enjoy how they bring out the cooked duck, and the chef comes I and carefully slice the skin of the duck then serving it to the customers so they get a first look at the texture. Then the chef will begin slicing the duck in front of you. I enjoy looking at the way it gets sliced, the process of slicing the crispy skin along with a very thin layer of the meat together.

I was given the typical cucumber, spring onion and the sauce as well as a fusion-type which contains sugar, garlic and pickles. A different way to accompany the duck along with the pancakes.
The pancake was something I enjoy as it is rather soft with a very nice texture to it. It didn’t feel too filling which made it good as the duck itself was a little filling due to the oiliness.The second eating choice meant I was allowed to have a second serving of the meats of the duck. I enjoyed the duck with rice so I tried the duck with noodles. It was a little salty in my opinion but generally it was delicious.I had a few other dishes to go for the main meal but most importantly of all, I had rice. Perhaps I am traditional in the way I eat but I enjoy having rice as part of a Chinese meal. Yong Chow Fried Rice. That was what I had, in a way, it is interesting because having eaten at so many different places and eating different version of this particular dish, I feel a little “immune” or used to the taste.
I also had one of my favorite dish which is the Braised Tofu with minced Chicken in Sichuan Chilli Sauce- a little chilly but increased my appetite. I find this dish rather attractive and delicious, and reminds me of a Sichuan restaurant I visited before in Hong Kong.


I have only visit the restaurant during dinner time so my opinion was based on the dinner time. I booked my tables through Top Table. But their opening hours are:Lunch 12.00-15.00 Dinner 18.00-22.30 Just in case! 🙂 there’s also a bar there as well to relax for a drink or two, maybe three.

Find Min Jiang:

Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT


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