Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard – the place which is very much talked about, but hardly noticeable when you walk down Upper James Street around Soho. I cannot recall the number of times where I walk back and forth and never noticing it until when I actually went over for dinner.

Having conducting some research on food dishes, I had manage to find my lovely foodie, Ginny otherwise known as ‘Ginski’ to experience the dishes and Bob Bob Ricard’s atmosphere – well her birthday is coming up too. You are welcomes by around 2 -3 staff on the door, there is a doorman outside which immediately gave me this ‘exclusive’ club-like experience, until I walked inside and gave our coats to the lady we were escorted down the stairs and we could smell the scented candles welcoming us – every step we took.

We entered through the doors and saw a beautiful ‘shiny’ but very Great Gatsby’s-like decorations. We had to walk down the squared floor which looked like a backgammon board (do correct me if I am wrong as I was feeling very hyper when I was inside the venue). The bar was right in front of us too and I felt like I was one of the first people who entered a nightclub ready for a Saturday night.

We sat down at our booth and we liked the privacy we had, it’s very upgraded and feels like an old fashioned train booth with a mini curtain so if the person behind you is being a little nosy – we could draw the curtain. There was also a ‘Press for champagne’ button to use which my dear Ginski was VERY impressed with.


In the end we decided on choosing the Salmon Tartare dish, which was garnished with cucumber, funnel and horse-radish, Braised Shoulder of Lamb served with Redcurrent Jelly and Gravy to go with Crushed Minted Peas and Truffled Mashed Potatoes (which was a Russian dish). I expected the Salmon Tartare to be a little bigger as it was almost double the price of their starter version, but I enjoyed the freshness of the tartare, you have no idea how happy I was when I actually tasted the freshness of it, it had a nice amount of tobiko on top as a mini decoration. Ginski enjoyed the lamb and did mention it was very tasty.





She had a wine whilst I had one of their ‘Virgin Highball’ drink which was Cucumber and Mint Limeade (Cucumber, Mint, Cox and Bramley Apple Juice and LimeJuice) – it really tasted like a mojito except there was no alcohol involved.

Our dessert was the Dulce de Leche Creme Brûlée (Russian style) and the Chocolate and Mint Soufflé, we ordered our desserts and allowed each other to try but we ended up eating each other’s dessert – which was pretty normal. I believe our Russian accents kicked in and we pretended to be from Moscow and spoke to each other, and naming each other Ginski and Wingski. It was a very lovely evening, we spoke so much and it was very amazing company, I do not remember laughing as much and hard as I did since I left my university life (unless when I am with my other half of course!!) but you have to be there to understand 3/4 of the jokes and laughs we had. We manage to give each other a code to crack too. 



Our mini conclusion was, our desserts was VERY VERY sugary and we must have gotten sugar high because we manage to walk into an area with nice fairy lights and ceilings with endless mirrors so we was checking ourselves out as we were leaving (that area was safe as there was lots of other local Londoners around).

The customer service was brilliant, especially when our waiter noticed us taking our phones out decided to let us know they are present on social media.. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram the latter. But overall I really enjoyed Bob Bob Ricard, the atmosphere (from being super quiet to very buzzing-ly loud). I will definitely be back again, perhaps with more friends and definitely with Ginski. Allow me to be a little cliche with the MasterCard-style end to this post: Commute to London £20, Afternoon Tea at the Ritz £100, Laughing no there is no tomorrow at Bob Bob Ricard.. priceless*


Service: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5
Food: 5/5

Find Bob Bob Ricard at:

1 Upper James Street, London W1F 9DF


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