W Fashion Power Tea in W London

It’s been a little while since I had an afternoon tea and I was happy when I found one which celebrated women’s fashion and their power. W London hotel has partnered up with London’s Design Museum to mark the launch of Women Fashion Power. What does this mean? it’s an exhibition which recognises and celebrate women’s fashion as ‘a form of self expression’ through the ages. We all know W London is known to be glamorous with relaxing lights and a bar inside the lounge room for you to relax, but if you visit between 29th October 2014 to 26th April 2015 you are able to experience the fashion afternoon tea which is inspired by successful women such as Coco Chanel, Queen Elizabeth I, Vivienne Westwood, Lady Gaga and Margaret Thatcher. You can also purchase tickets to the Design Museum from 29th October which allows you to take a look at how these influential women have used fashion to enhance their position and how their unique style made them recognisable.The afternoon tea is served on a hand-crafted tea stand in the shape of heels, (the stand which served ours were inspired by Queen Elizabeth I however we saw a beautiful shiny white pair of heels which  believe was the one inspired by Lady Gaga.



We had the traditional finger biscuits with Smoked salmon & cream cheese, Cucumber & Greek yoghurt, Roast chicken & lemon butter and Egg mayonnaise & watercress which we get in all our afternoon teas along with scones and cream and jam. But what made the afternoon tea special was the different designs of our cakes.

The Coco Chanel can be recognised by the string of pearls on a savarin cake, I loved the moose inside the cake and the classy black and white combination which resembled the classy look of Coco Chanel. It came with a champaign perfume spray which smells of champaign but we didn’t get to have a play with the little bottle which was a shame as I wanted to take it home with me.


The Lady Gaga cake was made in marbled red velvet cake with strawberry jam and marzipan which is stamped with the word ‘Gaga’.The look is to resemble Lady Gaga’s meat dress which she wore. It was very filling, I am not a fan of marzipan, so I had to leave that out but the cake was very lovely.


The Vivienne Westwood cake is made with milk chocolate mouse which is wrapped with a tartan chocolate layer and two candy floss sticks to resemble her iconic hair. I could taste some champagne as I got to the bottom, as I don’t drink alcohol very much I am very sensitive towards the taste and smell, but it was very enjoyable.


We had an english breakfast tea and a dragon pearl tea to drink during this tea. It was very relaxing sitting near the windows, we could see the busy Chinatown below and the moon that was eager to shine. We sat until the lights were dimmed and candles were out. The hypnotising purple shone beautifully on the many plates on the walls and we didn’t have enough time to visit the design museum, but we do have plenty of time to visit soon. It was beautiful and very relaxing and I manage to catch up with the lovely Ginny on a busy Saturday which was really nice. I can imagine us having afternoon teas together even when we become old ladies. 🙂



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