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In Short…

CUT is a smart American-style steakhouse located in the art-deco-style 45 Park Lane hotel (part of the Dorchester Collection). World-renowned Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck is behind CUT along with a number of restaurants in the USA – he is even the man responsible for what the celebrities eat at the Oscars. The restaurant serves high-quality British, Australian, American and Japanese steak. There is also a private bar on the first floor where diners can enjoy a number of signature cocktails, whiskeys, gin and prestigious Louis XIII, in fact, there are several bottles of Louis XIII dotted around the bar area. Needless to say, we did spot a number of celebrities enjoying themselves.

What’s the room like?

We were greeted with a high-ceilinged lobby with leather couches, we walked towards CUT and as we were early, we enjoyed some drinks in BAR 45, a private bar on the first floor.

Just before our drinks arrived, we were offered some Tomato and Tapenade (black olive) puff pastry rolls, it was a very nice gesture and certainly would make a Chinese person happy (for those who are wondering, the Chinese believe that before you consume any alcohol, it is ideal to have a quick snack or something that is made of butter to help line the stomach). I didn’t have that idea though, instead I was very keen to finish the drinks so we could order our dinner.

Once we finished our drinks, we walked towards the wood-panelled room and were taken to our table. You’ll notice the large almond-shaped chandelier on the ceiling, and curtains by the windows to ensure privacy whilst you dine. Dining is indeed comfortable for diners, but as the space was limited, we noticed the waitering staff having to squeezing through the tight spaces between the tables. At all honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do that especially when the lighting was slightly too dim to navigate around.

Menu know-how…

BAR 45, offers a number of signature cocktails, whiskeys, gin and prestigious Louis XIII, the drinks menu offers bespoke cocktail ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ and a choice of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails. For those who enjoy something with alcohol… you can order Negroni From The Trolley, from Vintage Negroni to ‘Aged in American Oak Barrel’, a choice of Whiskey, Gin, Cognac (Including the Louis XIII Rare Cask (£1,550), Red and White Wine and Rare Tea by Jing.

Before we ordered, we were treated to snacks to ‘welcome us to CUT’ – wagyu sliders, warm gourgeres and mini spicy tuna tartare cones and a choice to enjoy the bread basket. Afterwards, the waiter presented a selection of raw steak to our table, allowing us to assess the size, colour and fat marbling of each cut as well as answering and questions we may have. By the time the steak arrived, I was ready to eat, I was contemplating on which cut to have as I have been visiting a number of steakhouses, and tend to order something similar each time.

The steaks range from A 10oz 28-day aged British Sirloin (£36) to an eye-watering £150 8oz Japanese Wagyu rib-eye.

What I ordered…

One of CUT’s signature salad, it the Butterhead Lettuce with Avocado, Stilton Blue Cheese and Champagne-Herb Vinaigrette – as delicious as it sound, it wasn’t the right dish for me but it certainly satisfied my partner who enjoys a good stilton cheese whereas I am more of a brie.

Another signature dish was the Scottish Scallop “Carpaccio” with Cucumber, Young Onions, Wasabi-Kosho Ponzu, this dish was the highlight of the starters as the scallops were carefully sliced and presented in such a beautiful way it was almost like an art piece, the use of edible flowers adds colour onto the dish.

Prior the arrival of our steak, we received some delicious snacks to kickstart our appetite, they were Parmesan Cheese Grissini Sticks and Cheese Gougeres which were like small cheese soufflé which only made me more eager for the steak to arrive sooner.

For the steak, we ordered the 6oz Petit Cut Fillet Mignon cooked rare with a well-seasoned crust with Wasabi-Yuzu Kosho Butter, and a 10oz New York Sirloin. Both the cuts were USDA Prime, Black Angus Beef from Creekstone Farms, Arkansas City, Kansas and Aged 35 days.

We also ordered some side dishes which I did regret. Having looked for reviews on Opentable and Foursquare, we realized that one of the dishes were Tempura Onion Rings and the Cavatappi Pasta “Mac & Cheese” with Westcombe Cheddar, so we ordered both. I was disappointed with the Tempura Onion Rings as visually it looked like ‘light batter’ rather than the Tempura that I was used to where the batter was slightly thicker, in terms of taste, it wasn’t Tempura but the cut of the rings was just right. The Mac & Cheese was delicious, but we never finished it. I was very eager to take a photo of the steak when it arrived but our side dishes arrived at the same time and our waitress decided to scoop some Mac & Cheese on my plate before I could take my photo. I could easily finish the Mac & Cheese but there would be cheese on the plate and it wouldn’t be the same.

We did receive a number of mustard to go with our steak, English Mustard, French Mustard, Grain Mustard and Grape Mustard (sweet mustard). But I ordered the Wasabi-Yuzu Kosho Butter sauce with my steak, as I had never tried this sauce before with steak and I was not disappointed. I dare say, even if you do not enjoy the taste of Wasabi, you will enjoy this sauce.

The best part of the meal was probably the moment when we chose our desserts. As we did order a bit more for our mains, we had chosen to order a single dessert to share (which we realised was the best choice). The Warm Dark Chocolate Valrhona Souffle with Whipped Crème fraîche, Toasted Hazelnut Gianduja Ice Cream. It wasn’t what I had expected as I wanted the soufflé to be a bit sweeter, the sourness of the Crème fraîche had covered the sweetness of the chocolate which was a shame, but I could taste the Toasted Hazelnut Gianduja Ice Cream and it has helped with the taste of the Crème fraîche.

The Drinks…

We ordered some drinks at BAR 45, the drinks were Without Consequence and Crouching Tiger. Without Consequence is a non-alcoholic cocktail made with Lychee, Grapefruit, Elderflower and Lime. I took my first sip and fell in love. The sweetness of the Lychee was balanced with Elderflower and Lime made it a refreshing but not-at-all sour drink, I would order it as a palate cleanser but a pre-dinner drink to ‘get the stomach ready’.

Crouching Tiger was made with Jasmine Flower Green Tea Infused Vodka and Lemon Juice, the perfect balance of Vodka’s slight bitter taste with a hint of sourness of the Lemon Juice. Our dinner drinks were a Virgin Mojito and a Malbec Blend, Amancaya (Barons de Rothschild & Nicolas Cetena).

To go with the Chocolate Soufflé I ordered a Silver Needle tea rather than a coffee.

What I’ll go back for…

As I am writing this, I am already tempted to return. CUT is a restaurant with a focus on steak so my target would be to order a different cut of steak, and to try more of the different side dishes.

I’ll be honest, the price is more of a ‘pay-day’ treat, ideal for a date or to spoil someone. But if you’re a fan of a good steak inside a luxurious setting and have the chance to dine and drink in the same space as famous celebrities, it’s definitely the venue for you.

📍   CUT at 45 Park Lane, 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1PN

💰 Average cost for two / price range: £80 – £100

💳 What I paid: £200+

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