My Old Dutch

Whenever I am, I am often found eating. I don’t remember when and how it started but I have always been receiving – compliments, about my constant eating but never getting fat or gaining any weight. I have to thank my lovely family for this gene. I love eating, I love food and I love learning how to cook as well. I remember hearing ‘Food is such a blessing, but also such a curse’ which is undoubtedly true. Just yesterday, Friday I heard it 3 times. Ah.. I know i’ve gained some weight when I step on the scales.. the digital ones where I cannot adjust to make myself appear lighter…

For the past 4 months I keep hearing about my colleagues talking about this pancake restaurant named ‘My Old Dutch’, I did some research and decided to try it out with the colleagues of course and luckily we had a ‘Henchman’ to deliver our pancakes for us. I am so grateful I have amazing colleagues that enjoy food like me and there isn’t a single day on a work day where eating food and ‘getting fat’ isn’t encouraged oh and the constant reminders of ‘starting the diet on Monday’ talk which fails by noon.

I’ve been addicted to the pancakes, it’s very lovely and although I’ve only manage to have it as a take-away option, I’ve had it made, delivered to my desk within 10 minutes so it’s still warm and fresh. (Thank you Balazs – the fastest Henchman in London!). My old Dutch is a pancake house which was established in 1958 and with venues in West End, Covent Garden and the City, you can choose from sweet and savoury and a large number of salads, smoothies and MILKSHAKES!! It is every pancake lover, foodie and dessert lover’s dream.

I ordered a “Banana, Nuts and chocolate sauce” pancake with cream and it came in a lovely clear pancake holder and they separated the chocolate sauce, cream and nuts so I can add it over my pancake on my own accord. I should have transferred the pancake onto a plate but I was too hungry to care about the presentation… until I remembered that I had plans to blog about it.




Their take-away bag is very nice, and it’s so obvious that it’s a pancake house đŸ™‚ I had attempt to prettify my pancake but it was very quickly destroyed with my fork. But you can really see the bananas wrapped around the pancake!! I urge every pancake lover to try this out!! I had my pancake from Holborn so if anyone wants to visit, please visit their website.

Service: –
Atmosphere: –
Food: 5/5

Find My Old Dutch (Holborn Branch)

131-132 High Holborn, Holborn, London, WC1V 6PS

Or get it delivered to you by Henchman! At don’t forget to let them know Wing recommended đŸ˜‰ haha.



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