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Lunchtime is probably one of the most upsetting time for most office workers whose offices are located far from the popular areas. I am based in Tottenham Court Road (at the moment..) and the choice for food is insane. From fast cafe chains to fast food chains and even small independents to Michelin star restaurants. My choice is unlimited.

I have been a loyal customer to Han Kang which is located in Fitzrovia, in other words Hanway Street. They are a small independent Korean restaurant located on the small street of Hanway Street, it’s next to a Japanese restaurant so people such as myself who is a lover of Japanese cuisine has had a difficult choice.

I enjoyed the lunchtime menu as there is a choice of traditional Korean dishes at reasonable prices – baring in mind we ARE in central London. I ordered the Doeji bulgogi, which is the Stir fried pork marinated in chili sauce with rice. I enjoy the chili sauce from Korean dishes because they are never spicy but you can taste the hint of spice within the dish – something very different compared to the likes of Szechuan dishes. Although the pork was a little oily, it fit perfectly with the steamed rice. Fortunately for me, the meal also included a cup of miso soup and I am a very big fan of miso soups. I was also provided with radish and Han Kang style kimchi.

Since learning the fact that every Korean restaurant that serves kimchi, often marinated the vegetable themselves I had started to enjoy every kimchi piece I eat. Every family would also marinate their own. I used to always question why kimchi tasted different every time I dine in a korean restaurant but after learning about kimchi, I know why.



Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
Food: 5/5

Find Han Kang:
16 Hanway Street, W1T 1UE


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